Stinky Pete's Ferret Retreat

A Florida Ferret Rescue

                              ABOUT US

Hi, my name is Kim and I'm the shelter mom.    I go by Kimba by my friends and the ferret community ;)   I have owned ferrets since 2003.   After rescuing a ferret I didn't know anything about I dove onto the Internet and stuck my nose in books to read up on these wonderful creatures.  I now pride myself in being very ferret knowledgeable.  I am a member of several different on-line ferret sites and have also started a ferret forum with a friend of mine in NY where we now have over 250 members from all over the world.   Every year we participate with our local animal control in an Adopt-a-Thon where we educate people about ferrets and clear up any misconceptions they might have.  If I can teach one person just one thing about a ferret than I have done my job.

 When our local ferret shelter closed up and seeing just how many ferrets needed help I decided to take on this venture.  What a ride!!  I have now been rescuing ferrets and finding them new homes since January 2007.  This pretty much started when our local animal control had a fire and I was asked to foster a couple.   I have a couple friends that work there and know my passion for ferrets.  As you can see in our Happy Tails section we have been very successful.  There are several ferrets not even pictured.   

 I work at a full time job which helps support my rescue.   This is a non profit shelter and all of my extra cash usually goes into it.  But you know what?  I love what I do!  



Hi, I’m Tyler! I’m currently a student at UCF working on getting an interdisciplinary studies degree…to put it more simply, I want to work in veterinary medicine. I am also employed at the veterinary hospital that all of Stinky Pete’s ferrets go to. (Thanks Kim!) I’ve only owned ferrets for less than a year, but working at Stinky Pete’s has taught me so much! I have 2 fuzzies, Bonkers and Casper, and they bring me so much laughter and joy every day!

My boyfriend, Alex, introduced me to ferrets for the first time about a year ago and I think he regrets it a little more as I become more and more of a “crazy ferret lady”. (Just kidding, Alex!) The first ferret I met at a pet store just so happened to be one of the sweetest out there. Ironically, I nicknamed him Stinky, and after a few weeks of planning and debating and him not being sold, I decided a ferret was the pet for me! On my way back to school over Halloween weekend, Alex and I stopped at a different pet store close to home. We were just looking around, and I was anxious to get to the other pet store to buy my Stinky. Alex just so happened to see a little tan tail sticking out of a blanket all alone, and there was a little champagne ferret with an angel face. He had been brought back to that store from people who decided they didn’t want him anymore and was expected to be about a year old. He was all alone in a not very nice cage. I knew he was going to be mine. We named him Casper in honor of it being Halloween. I feel like he was my first “rescue”. All of a sudden, I was going to be the owner of not 1 but 2 ferrets. Upon arrival at the other pet store, Stinky had been sold. I feel like wanting Stinky led me to Casper though, and I was supposed to rescue him that day. Two days later, before I knew anything about ferret rescues even existing, I went to another pet store that I knew had ferrets I liked. This is where we got Bonkers. He was the oldest of the bunch and seemed to be pretty relaxed like Casper. Boy, were we wrong! Bonkers definitely lives up to his name…which was changed from Clyde after a few days of getting to know him!

There are so many ferrets out there in need of good homes. Please look into rescuing one before you go to pet stores! They all deserve families and forever homes. They deserve to be part of a family, not just property.

I’m so happy and lucky to be able to be a part of everything Stinky Pete’s does and stands for, and hope I can help place abandoned/rescued ferrets into new homes and care for them in between with Kim for many more years!