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                            ----We currently are not taking in any new surrenders at this time due to overcrowding unless it is a dire emergency.  We want to make sure that the ferrets here have the adequate care they need.  Please be careful when rehoming your ferrets as there are lots of scams going on with people using them as snake food or trading them in for other animals, items etc and will not give them the proper care.  We suggest that when rehoming your ferret you should do a home check of the new residence and making sure the new home has proper ferret knowledge due to the ferrets getting stressed and sick due to missing their previous home and owners.  This is particularly important with the older ferrets as they can will themselves to die due to depression.  If you are in a desperate situation only please contact us and we can refer you to someone or somewhere that might be able to help you.  We will also be happy to advise you on your options.  ----     Kim                  


 Stinky Pete's Ferret Retreat is ferret rescue  just  outside of Orlando operated by  ferret owners. We started the rescue when  our local ferret rescue closed and we saw so many ferrets  in our surrounding areas that needed our help. 

 Too many ferrets are bought at pet stores by people who think they are cute, but don't understand what owning a ferret actually involves. A ferret is a lot of responsibility and requires a lot of time (a MINIMUM of four hours out of their cage a day) and they can get expensive very quickly. Please visit the websites under "links" to learn more about these wonderful little creatures.                                 

We at Stinky Pete's, are committed to finding forever homes for ferrets who don't have one. All of the ferrets we rescue are either found or surrendered to us by private homes.  We are very strict about who we adopt out to because most of these ferrets have already been through several homes. Each home is screened thoroughly.  All money made goes to vet bills and food.  Click the "Happy Tails" link to see some of the ferrets who have found loving homes!!

 If you would like to adopt from us, you should be ferret knowledgeable and have owned a ferret before.  We also will do a home check before adopting to make sure your home is right for a ferret.  If you are interested in adopting from us, please fill out the form listed on the adoption page and email it to us.



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This site is dedicated in memory of Kim's first ferret Petee. 

 The little fuzzy that started it all.


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