Stinky Pete's Ferret Retreat

A Florida Ferret Rescue




A FERRET's Lil Prayer


by Pamela Troutman

Understand me and I will be your loving pet.

I am not a rodent, but a carnivore.

I am not a wild animal, but a companion to man, domesticated between the time of the dog and the cat.

Feed me as a cat, but only with dry food for clean teeth.

 Keep litter boxes handy, and I will learn to use them.

Take me along as a dog, but with a leash or carrier so I do not get lost

 Do not leave me outdoors, I have no wild survival instincts.

Confine or watch me like a small child, because I am curious and like to get into things.

Discipline when needed with words and soft actions, because sudden force causes me to defend myself. I am a little thief, give me soft socks to steal and hide, instead of rubber toys to chew and swallow.

Let me visit the doctor as you would any family member, for a health check and vaccinations yearly.

Have me spayed or neutered; I have no need to reproduce to add to the pet overpopulation.

Handle me daily, and I will be your loyal friend for many, many years.

I am fearless and friendly. I have personality. I seek companionship.

If you cannot give me that, then please pass me by.